The new H1067 series in Copper CU+

The only handle entirely made of antimicrobial material

Antimicrobial Copper+ is a natural material that reduces microbial contamination helping prevent the spread of infection. 

It is reported that 80% of all infections are spread by touch. Antimicrobial Copper+ offers a new approach surfaces where virus ideally can prosperously replicate and act ad a continuous antimicrobial protection: it is an engineering material with intrinsic antimicrobial properties that can help to protect public health.



Copper+ is used up since it can be endlessly recycled without loss of properties; it is conserved for future generations. recycling also uses only 15% of the energy that would be used to mine and produce the same copper, so recycling Copper+ helps to conserve the world’s supply of fossil fuels and reduce CO2 emissions. Recycling provides both an economic and environmental benefit.

Natural protection form bacteria

  • Eliminates bacteria that cause infection
  • It’s the only solid antimicrobial materials registered by the EPAIt provides eternal protection versus bacteria
  • It does not lose effect with time
  • It works even if oxidized 
  • Oxidation increases antimicrobial protection, however oxidation can be wiped away

Green and safe

  • It’s not harmful to the environment or people
  • It do not contain additives
  • It’s completely recyclable

Some applications

Hua Dong Hospital (Shangai)

Aghia Sopha Children's Hospital (Athens)