Design handles for every style.

Having a choice means exploring, enjoying freedom of thought and expression.

Having a choice means enhancing your personality and making your style tangible.

Valli&Valli expresses these concepts by offering a wide range of choices, 34 finishes providing a wealth of possibilities which adapt to every style and project.

The handle intended as a piece of furniture to give style as well as functionality is the philosophy inspiring our production line. Valli&Valli and Fusital collection stand out for their design and the ability to fit different environments and architectural styles, offering both classic and modern handles, designed in collaboration with world-famous architects and designers.

Customised Range of Finishes

1.     Products can be personalised by choosing a NON STANDARD finish among the 34 finishes available on this page at the following conditions:

  • Minimum quantity for orders: 24 set
  • Delivery times: minimum 8 weeks, to be agreed
  • Surcharge: to be agreed with the Business Management

The Business Management reserves the right to confirm feasibility, quantities and terms of sale:

  • after seeing the sample and/or the specific colour code.

2.     Valli&Valli handles can be further personalised for projects at the following conditions:

  • with a specific design
  • with special finishes

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