Fuorisalone 2021: Design in your hands


Reborn every day, with over 85 years of history and roots in the Italian tradition, where the artisan reality blends with the industrial one.

Fuorisalone 2021 is the occasion to touch the heart of tradition and innovation of Valli&Valli and Fusital brand: design handles that enhance every interior with sensations, shapes and materials.

Art and Design belong to two distinct worlds but, in many cases, they overlap and influence each other. In fact, it is the opportunities of contamination offered by the creative aspect that have inspired Valli&Valli's art and Andrea Castrignano's design in the research of new solutions both in terms of product design and fitting out.

The focus of Valli&Valli for Fuorisalone 2021 is the concept of "visual experience" in which everything flows in a pressing rhythm of shapes and colors and bounces from pop art works to Castrignano's new patterns, declined on many different supports and products.

Over the past year we have all experienced the environments of our homes differently and Art and Design have contributed to accelerate the change of sensations within the living spaces. A provocation that wants to be a gritty restart, an emotional push towards a new concept of living.

The domestic environments are told in "design corners" in each of which Art and Design dialogue in terms of shape and color and the final effect is a strong characterization. A real creative laboratory in which Andrea Castrignano puts his talent at the service of the functionality of the home world.

The art of Valli&Valli in Andrea Castrignano's moodboards

Andrea Castrignano has created moodboards that enhance the Valli&Valli handles on exhibition: six styles (Classic, Minimal, Shabby, Underground, Minimal Baroque and Nordic) to identify and create, through colors, furniture elements, objects and materials that aim to enhance the handles on display. 

The moodboards will be accessible through QR Codes that invite the visitor to live an interactive experience exploring the six developed style areas. 

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