Moon series, designed by Pembrooke & Ives

The Moon handle, designed by Pembrooke & Ives, is representative of a mix of innovation and tradition, typical of the Valli&Valli world. The handle was born after a long study aimed at merging the quality of the materials with the in-depth work of the designers.

A major player in the Fuorisalone 2021, Moon represents the emblem of cured, static and precise lines for a security and stability sense. A character handle, with strong and squared shapes for a combination of elements that makes it one of the leading products of the Valli&Valli collection.

Looking to the future inspired by art which inwardly enrich, because design is art and the handle is a unique piece of sculpture to be held and touched. Valli&Valli, thanks to the continuous research and the tailoring quality, spreads the excellence of the Italian-made handle worldwide