Cenerentola series, designed by Luciana di Virgilio & Gianni Veneziano

Cenerentola is designed by Luciana Di Virgilio & Gianni Veneziano. This handle is defined an "emotional archeology" project for two reasons: because it is linked to the Italian melodic culture (in relation to the homonymous composition by Gioachino Rossini), and because it is the result of a crisis, between our past and a more recent past, which from the cuts of Lucio Fontana recovers the clean slash technique.

Characterized by a fairytale line, Cenerentola handle evokes an extreme lightness. The refinement and formal cleanliness make it unique and with a strong dreamlike impact: a more thought object than real.

Looking to the future inspired by art which inwardly enrich, because design is art and the handle is a unique piece of sculpture to be held and touched. Valli&Valli, thanks to the continuous research and the tailoring quality, spreads the excellence of the Italian-made handle worldwide.