Naked series, designed by Valli Workshop

Naked is born from the desire to strip the handle of all excess weight, reinventing it and thus creating an innovative, unique and complete solution. This handle feature slim, precise, refined lines that adapt to multiple architectural and interior design styles. The simplicity of this solution is unique thanks to the contribution of Valli&Valli designers who have combined ideas, concepts and visions.

The round shape represents the emblem of simplicity, the skeleton of the handle, the purest structural base, but the handle can also have different shapes, thus generating handles with different designs. In fact, the handle can have a different design.

Looking to the future inspired by art which inwardly enrich, because design is art and the handle is a unique piece of sculpture to be held and touched. Valli&Valli, thanks to the continuous research and the tailoring quality, spreads the excellence of the Italian-made handle worldwide.