The antimicrobial technology you can trust.

Biocote® treatment is applied only to marked finishes.

Why are products protected with BioCote® superior to other antimicrobial products on the market?

  • All products containing BioCote® are tested to ensure the necessary levels of antimicrobial performance associated with the BioCote® brand.
  • Ongoing Quality Control ensures that products protected with BioCote® continue to provide reliable levels of antimicrobial performance.
  • BioCote® branded products have technology that further enhances product performance and value, is technically compatible with product materials and conforms to standards worldwide.
  • BioCote® treated products do not allow bacteria to survive or linger and reduce the risk of cross contamination, offering a real advantage in various environments such as hospitals, nursing homes, schools, food processing environments etc.

How does BioCote® work?

BioCote® protection is permanent, providing inherent protection during the expected lifetime of the products.

BioCote® provides continuous protection against microbial colonisation.

BioCote® has been shown to reduce the number of bacteria on a protected product by up to 80% in 15 minutes and up to 99.5% in just 2 hours.

BioCote® has been shown to reduce the presence of microbes on a protected product by up to 99.99%.

PROMO BIOCOTE soggetta a termini e condizioni, validità fino al 31/12/2021, applicabile solo sulle finiture selezionate.
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