The H 384 Series - CR Duemilaventuno by CetraRuddy


The contemporary style handle for the residential, hospitality, culture, educational and trade world.

The H384 handle is the more recent project in the Fusital design handle collection, and is designed by CetraRuddy, a prestigious architectural and interior design study based in New York. The designers were able to create an object with the perfect fusion between ergonomics and aesthetics. Furthermore, ergonomics and aesthetics are capable to improve the value of each other.

The unique body of the H 381 handle is an apparently simple element. In reality, it is based on a refined conceptual complexity: a volume with a dynamic profile that keep changing depending the observer prospective and distance. Flat and inclined surfaces, rounded but clear edges, angles with a strong personality.

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Available finisches: Cromosat, Bronzo scuro, Neropaco


CetraRuddy Architecture is a global thought leader in architecture, planning and interior design, co-founded by John Cetra and Nancy J. Ruddy in 1987. The firm has been led with the guiding principle that architecture and design must engage the urban fabric while enriching the human spirit. Reflecting on 30 years of practice, the firm is defined by a passion for creating community and inspiration with a deep commitment to craft. Embracing the narrative of each project as a unique opportunity, CetraRuddy’s portfolio celebrates the diversity of the globe. CetraRuddy’s Product Design Team is an innovative extension of the firm’s practice, led by Partner Ximena Rodriguez in collaboration with Architect/Designer Sohith Perera. Founded to expand their design philosophy to all elements of the built environment, its mission is to elevate the standard of everyday living with ideas grounded in humanistic and contextual principles.